Lazy Palms


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released 25 March 2014



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Track Name: Where The Kings Roam (Velvet Room) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
[Al Pacino speaking]

Mind of a lost soldier, Camouflaged, in the field of my thoughts
Cognitive warfare, Trapped in the cross hairs..
Of practically every trigger, I figure my loss, is imminent
[Speech continued]

Shoutouts to the homie tigershark..
I leave Tyre marks..and let the lighter spark..
But if you look at the situation in full perspective
And just build ya records..hopefully you see the brighter part
They asking about my future lately, I just tell em that I'm in the delorean doing 80
They asking about my future lady, but that topic of discussion, is often uttered so faintly
I'm just trying to get a hologram, but I gotta be fucking legend
Wadup coachella
Let them folks tell ya
Don't let the ropes determine ya pinfall
Watch the count, know the win's all
A young basquiat (pause), but instead, without the canvas and dreads
A micorphone for ya art exhibit, a microphone for you art exhibit c
Tryna be a Jay Elec, but the thought of limitless sees..
No avail..
Though I'm tryna get everybody on this planet to ride the wave like noah's sail
Knowing well, this ain't show ant tell, but I'm at the top of my class
They say that only the strong will survive, in a world of modern day killers
I calmy push away pillars
As thought provoking and potent,as my opponent
I'm sure to pass it, the last of a dying graphic
Step into a realm where the only entrance is final
And I every sentence, I meant when I jot it down, and the vinyl...spins
Not too many individuals I now quote..
They saying that I broke the pedestal since cloud smoke
How overwhelming when the crowd spoke
Sitting on the paramount
Where the kings roam
Where the lonely resides
And Where there has been hope
And where the pleasures of ever walking that thin rope
Determines ya end note
Where the motherfucking kings roam
Tell me one and a half stories
I tell you the memoirs..
And my past surely
Gripping the rails
Steady pressure folding
The last glory
Now what you have for me..
Track Name: Lazy Palms (taXXI) [Prod Don Azpiazu]
I wonder how much it cost em to bomb Boston
Boom bye bye when I toss em, now play possum
Prompt raucous, fed fallacies, planned casualty
Flee sanity, leave em sprawled on the grand gallery
Put your aspirations on top where the tan chalice be
Y-V-R-X put a hex on the stand balanced beam
Steady free fall, enthralled they chant passively
Thou shall it be if you challenge me, bland travesty
Throw em where the oncoming traffic be your majesty
Quick to stir a potion my current focus adamantly
Visualising prisms I be
On the verge my vision laggy
Word to Giiibbz and Shaggy I defy the laws of physics can he
Palm reader tell me what my future holds
Fold rock sculptures while puncturing pop culture
Lunging for glocc holsters and aiming at top vultures
Who's aim is to drop function for punching the clock youngsters

Masquerading, I throw shots at you Phantom of the Ops
Casket laid in, for the drastic payments
To be honest getting sick of all comparisons
Small circle you madison, fucking squares appear talentless
Unravel this, clear as sadist felons
Fable swellings if I dare tell em what's on my cerebellum
Grizzly habits, avid what you see as average
Pull my sleeve more than a bunch of Tricks for you silly rabbits
Track Name: Synapse to Oblivion ft. Giiibbz of Fizix [Prod. Chris Ro$e of SMVRT PVRTY]

It's the beginning
Synapse to bloodclat oblivion yout

[Verse 1 : RayFTW]

Steady ducking through the alleyways, broken city
Hallowed by the shadows, was enthrazzled when he'd spoken wth me
My escape from what had seemed to be a soul conflicting
Never listened
Tell Guevara of the more that's missing
Marathon you're a liar, I ran a mile just to salvage the truth, in fact holding gavels and suits
That's overruled
Plead the fifth, won't believe that it leads to this
Exercising my violent right
Silent nights and I read your script, actors
I did cartwheels in your honor
That's merely flipping your view of who's art fused by the trauma..
Of looking back at the blocks, hope you make a dash when the gun blow
That's athletic or your lifestyle
And if only for a night
When the full moon radiates and reminds us
The covert never do seem, the illegible never find us
They echo, you hard to read but I'm deaf to the sounding orders
I'm definitely in awe
Will I rest surrounding martyrs
Throwing glasses at rock houses
Block scousers
Absent minded and blind folded
Stock gougers, riveting as my mind molded
Fully sober, hoodie over and black trousers
Quite astonished, I'm part of a gifted cosmic
Anonymous to a couple, no muscle under the bonnet
Never, bite the hand that feeds, bloody knuckles as he chuckles..
Off about the soft amount, awesome sound he starts to mount
Everest (ever rest) upon the shoulder
Clever gestures that aroma, spoke to me ..
I'm deaf as fucking post Mortons

[Talking : G.O.F]

[Verse 2 : G.O.F]

I'm A Guy...
Who Would Wear A black Towel;
Black vans,hello kitty And High Gym Socks
Headed For The Top;But The Pearly Gates Locked
Precise Like A Sniper...Red Dots...To The Body
Leave Another Looking Like The Chicken Pox
And If You Flinch To The Itch Of Your Symptoms
Bullet Holes To The Physical And Souls...Of My Victims
Your Loved Ones...
Threw You Off Son?.....
I Would Never Waste Time,To Give Your The Life Finishing
Torment;Your Sanity's Is In Need Of Diminishing..
Anger Is The Factor...Limiting;the Quality Of Your Life Line
Taking Revenge Leaves The Line Of Your Life Jail Time
Leaving It Alone Would Be The Real Crime
Make Your Choice...
Either Way Your Mind Will Be Mine
Taking Charge Of The Chatter Of Your Teeth And Your Weak Heart Beat;Your Mouth And It's Speech
...Let Me Wake Now...
From My Bed So Flower Full
Even I Know...
My Being Isn't Powerful
Screw The Earth And Words Fake Cowards Pull
Suicidal Mood Swings Are The Highest In The Play Ground....
I swear I stay sound
Track Name: Cloud Smoke ft. Chris Ro$e [Prod. Chris Ro$e of SMVRT PVRTY] CHOPPED XX SCREWED
Now tell me how many times have you walked through the valley of my predominance, really
You barely
Make it out alive
And If you do that's that's a blessing. So start the counting
Matter fact if it's a blessing, then hail ya Mary's
I hope that my conscious hear me, I know that failure is scary
Petrified by the thoughts of not reaching my peak is clearly
Taken a toll, so bear me
But the material is endearing
Holy Christian Dior, I'm something like a Mahatmi Gandhi
So let the Skyfall
That's black suit and a rifle
And for the Fame and the power,niggas put the planes in the towers
Like a terrorist mindset, or better yet time check
Gonna need more than ground zero
More like a found hero
Ravaging through the rubbles of my supposed cognito
Bumping 'moment of clarity'. Thinking that I was Hova
Looking over my shoulder. Invisibility cloak ya
Can you really blame the aspirations of culture
I'm tryna XXL,Hermes and penny loafers
It's like a wishing well, and well, penny's the focus
Wealth is placed at the bottom, rotton reality close cut
And for the benefit of the masses, then here's a close up
I gotta zoom and scope, to demote, ya fucking nikon
And put the cannon on by gone, gotta watch for the pythons
Snakes in the grass, it's cliche. They put ya life on
But quick to hit the switch, when the partying and club life gone
It's a dangerous game , I know it took practice
She say money make the world spin on a crooked axis
Hopefully my orbit doesn't forfeit, that's metaphoric
Way of saying If I fall, the universe has caused this

[Hook:Chris Ro$e]

Everyday's the same we just tryna get laid
Man all the G's that mess with me
Knowing the hustle's not a struggle
Rather a way of telling the fame and the money hello
And we achieve the fame and money by rolling the cloud smoke
I'm a tell you a story of my life without dope
Man I do these things all with the help of cloud smoke man
It's just my life man

[Verse 2 : Chris Ro$e]

I'm like a 747, my wingspan goes up to heaven
Shittin' on these wanna be rappers that trip and get to steppin
I smoke hoes, but blow o's
Leting out blows that turn friends to foes who knows
Niggas be angry cause of the life they chose
Wanna be steppin' out in all the freshest gear
But know they won't be able to eat for the rest of the year
Priority seems to be a minority in your mind
Feel one thread and buy each line
Think they Jigga cause that shit rhyme
Never been a fan of the hate, rather congratulate
The ones who against me, cause they the ones who take me to the top
It won't stop
My bass gon' rock, straight through ya body gunshots
Click clack pow I'm at the top now
They don't know dope individual with the swag of a general
Good individual with the heart of a lover
If you can show me somewhere better then they must be my brother

[Hook x 2]
Track Name: YVRX2 [Prod. Chris Ro$e of SMVRT PVRTY]
Now will I break platforms
Star gazing, car chasing swear they tryna catch me
Lane swerving, flame burning
Hear they tryna ash me
But I'm nicotine addicted to the fickle dreams lastly
Listening to Neon Indian, I'm blasting
Tiger5hark asked em for the visuals, I'm casting
She do the slot machine
Life's a gamble but I'm candid, never beat round the bush
White house the lawless mansion
Socrates to these entertainment properties
Slaved to the course of what they think is the proper deed
Dicaprio told me bout' 3 dimples I start the scene
Have ya skull lying on the table, pardon me
I'm sparring these, Little Davids apparently
Slingshots missed, my point of ease, your poignant dreams


Spiral outta fashion, trend trailers. Get off ya knees
Wipe the future of this generation off
Blatant demigod, Reagan crossed for the better cause
Avalanching to nowhere particular, coast clear, meticulous
Toast cheers and ribbon cuts
Spill thoughts on a blank and leave room for interpretation
Never give thanks and we soon to hit formidable peaks
Palms shivering weak at the thought of me conjuring me up enough confidence clarity and the competence
Radical for capital summation
Lavish in the statement, this the balanced indication of the battle scars
I could probably dodge a drone, but I'm tryna rob the throne, Danny Ocean, where the cameras are
Palm reader, tell me what my future holds
Lucrative, punitive, as far as execution goes
Less effective who'd known
Absence of my prudent tone
Often lackadaisical, I lack the praise. You soon to know

Fucking alcoholic, as I grab my wallet
Spending it on brew and tonic
Swimming pools is too ironic
Tryna stay afloat, rose and jack. Get it, ponder it
Parking lot squadron, don't this feel like pendergrass or something
Supposed neophyte, this the trio right
Me, myself and eyes could only graze what I examine
Selflessness is rampant, next chapter's memorandum
Tryna stay in one direction. X factor's in a tandem
Middle fingers and defy all precedence
Until we riddle, mingle in them 5 star residence
Goodbyes are irrelevant, back stabbers, rack grabbers. Chat faster, conversations bore me
And if contabands make her dance, cops and vans take chance, then it's confiscations surely
Orphanage ideas that I abandon is often as I thought em
Guess it's hard to stay one track, plan B